søndag, maj 07, 2006


WorkZ, founded and run by Lars Lundbye in partnership with Michael Thomsen and Ask Agger, is a member of the Zentropa family, the biggest film production group in Scandinavia, and WorkZ is based on creative methodologies from film, art, role-playing and music to initiate and optimize product- and business development.

Workz is a creative change agency that helps organizations start and implement change through storytelling and involvement. To us the key word is involvement, which creates ownership and commitment. Involvement is the driving force that brings on succesful change.

In WorkZ we are believers in the social aspects of the experience economy – and also strong believers in the necessity of crossing borders to be truly innovative. Our crossdisciplinary team can co-create your change at all levels - from analysis and identification of needs over choice of strategy to implementation, anchoring and communication. Using games, process tools, film, digital media, and creative processes, we create a focused and engaging involvement of all necessary stakeholders. By doing so, we find the best ideas and the create the optimal foundation for change and anchoring of that change.

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