tirsdag, juli 16, 2013

Wanted: Bold innovations in Health

Last year, I did a keynote at a major health conference in Denmark under the (slight provoking) title: "Innovation in spite of managagement" making a case for under-the radar-innovations empowering the collective intelligence that knows what do do - and leaders who act rather than talk.

Right after I was challenged by several of the heads of both hospitals and health agencies to come up with a design for this type of innovation.

Now – a year later – we have completed 12 pilot projects – and are running 28 new innovation projects in as many municipalities.

The results are amazing: The teams of innovation agents are creating micro innovations across sectors, bypassing departmental borders, and engaging local communities by way of example and action.

Based on simple – but strict - rules of engagement (an innovation manifesto so to say), quit small investments are producing big results. Blå Himmel's manifesto which owe some to U-theory, some to best practice Silicon Vally entrepreneurship  research, sets the frame for the interactions and process: Participant municipalities has to follow simple rules, such as always participating with directors across departments, prototyping before analyzing (and not being "allowed" to ask permission back home for their project), and keeping the scale small for quick returns.

The Sund By organisation (an intra-municipality health forum) is coordinating the projects: Please see the website for some background (in Danish), incl slides from the introduction.


mandag, april 22, 2013

Think Water Sensitive

Water may arguable be the most pressing issue out there. After years of working with innovation in solid waste, health and sustainable architecture, I have turned on water.

In 2012 I joined Grundfos in it's impressive ambition to innovate solutions to the staggering water challenges facing the world. As an executive strategy and innovation expert for Water Supply, I will be helping Grundfos think outside the box and very much need oriented, designing innovation frameworks based on co-creation and stakeholder engagement, and helping create the overall strategic ambition for water supply.
I will think loud on water in this little blog:  Water Sensitive: watersensitive.blogspot.com