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Blå Himmel is owned 100% by serial entrepreneur Lars Lundbye.

Lundbye lives to create revolutionary and beautiful projects that empower people to be creative and innovative. Lundbye is a developer and social entrepreneur in the fields of sustainability, art, new media technology, and teaching.

With an executive MBA and a Masters in Literature, he excels in crossing borders between research, business and the arts; using synergy that he brings to projects that his clients want to energize.

Lars has created a number of companies and initiated projects. Following his instincts aiming usually for the stars - sometimes very succesfully and sometimes falling flat on his stomach.
The short story goes as this:
As a teen, he played jazz. Then, while in New York in his early 20’s, he apprendiced for the master chef, Filip Rojas Lombardi at The Ballroom. Realizing that you can die young in the cooking business and that the arts had more appeal to him, he went for a Masters in Literature. Being greatly influenced by the innovations he saw on the streets of NYC, he co-started the art & business group, appropriately titled, BizArt. Over the next 7 years, Bizart developed a number of spectacular public art projects – in Denmark (often in conjunction with the government and later with Corporations jumping on board) and around the world; such as, running an artists refuge in the Caribean. In the late 90s, with the new media revolution, Lars initiated an experimental "School of Television" working with digital media and the internet and more intense techniques of training involving student and professional workspaces. During this time, the new media consultancy company, Preview Media, was born… later dissolved… and sold in bits.
In 2002-04, Lars went back to school in a serious executive program at SIMI obtaining an MBA. While there, he collaborated with the 4value network and did some exiting projects; creating science based companies, strategy plans for Swedens Interactive Institute, and visions for innovation in the Copenhagen Region, Full Circle. All along a huge number of projects have been realized, and in 04, he formalized his many activities in the holding company Blå Himmel, and in 05 designed and started his dream company together with some amazing people at Zentropa: WorkZ, which he succesfully exited in 08. Recently he has worked intensively with the architectural firm 3XN on innovating sustainable architecture, and the waste company Vestforbrænding building a new innovation platform for ressource management.

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