mandag, maj 01, 2006


Blå Himmel means Blue Sky in Danish. Blå Himmel is a business development company investing in small innovative start ups. Blå Himmel is a holding company for the serial entrepreneur Lars Lundbye and the playground for my busines angel activities – looking for the odd angle and the big dream.

Blå Himmel designs valuable ideas for tomorrow based on three key competencies:

  1. Spotting global and industry trends that will change the present.
  2. Ideation based on holistic integration of future user needs, technology, design and commercial opportunities.
  3. Conceptualizing and prototyping ideas with a keen eye on creating the innovative business systems needed for implementation.

Blå Himmel builds on business ideas aiming to make the world a more beautiful place; ideas that revolutionizes stale formats and set ways; projects that empower people and break down monopolies; technologies and products, that enables many to many communication, that allows the individual to take control over the creative processes in her or his life.

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