tirsdag, maj 09, 2006


SBC is offering premium fully serviced flexible offices in the Eastern Europe countries, for midsize or smaller, mainly foreign companies.

SBC helps it's clients to set up their business and office, fast, easy and cost effective. The main target group is the growing segment of SMEs going international; international companies establishing themselves in new cities. The main markets are immature Eastern European cities with high growth rates.

SBC believes a main driver for choosing office hotels are psychological: The need for comfort, safety, social interaction, and image. Especially for foreign companies this is important.
The other main driver for the office hotel market is the ‘plug-and-play’ feature: The ease of setting up offices with facilities that actually work in a new town. This especially is true in immature markets, where infra-structure is still somewhat unreliable.

SBC is owned by the entrepreneur B. Schultz, and three business angels including Blå Himmel.

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