onsdag, juni 14, 2006

Meeting places for social entreprenuership

A team at Zentropa WorkZ came up recently with quite nice idea for a design4development portal – a simple setup directly connecting a community of industrial designers with private donors with social entrepreneurs in 3rd world contexts.

The portal will allow specific industrial designs targeting specific needs (for instance tents, solar panels, water cleaners) to be formulated, designed and proposed as solutions.

The iffy thing is that the goal is an implement able design with full production plans, and startup capital (from donors) for a local social entrepreneur to actually setup and implement production of the design.

The donor-donation-implementation triangle becomes very transparent with a lot of storytelling attached, bypassing the anonymous GO or NGO run donor-facilitation scheme.
And most important doing it with an entrepreneurial zeal that actually may bring some real value creating global networks up and running.

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